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In an absolutely shameful move, after 45 weeks of not coming up with a passable scheme, the Council has withdrawn its previous planning application for this massive junction and submitted a newone. Whilst they have "saved" the Barn, leaving it almost underneath by lengthening the bridge span and altered the Environmental statement - both of which could have been done by simple "minor alterations” to the original application - by submitting a whole new application, they have dealt Bournemouth Residents a really nasty blow. Although the Planning Statement makes it clear the amendments do not "materially change the scheme" and indeed the footprint is identical and they say they have done this to "address matters raised by Statutory Consultees and other stakeholders," that DOES NOT MEAN US! In one foul swoop, they have have invalidated all of the 500+ objections to the scheme and 2,500 people on the petitions and have refused, in writing, to take them into account on this new application. The Holdenhurst Village Parish Meeting has requested they carry out further public consultation events, but these too have been refused and they have only given us the statutory 30 day consultation period (but now ending 4th December) to respond.Why? Because when fewer people respond to this application, they will be able to claim they have answered everyone's concerns with this new one and will give us a poor footing at the Planning Boardor in any Public Inquiry, or indeed in even requesting a Public Inquiry!It does NOTHING to address the other serious concerns of residents not just from Holdenhurst, but the entire surrounding area from Iford to Throop and Muscliff, Castle Lane, Strouden, Iford, Littledown and beyond:-? More traffic on Castle Lane East and Castle Lane West – more congestion/pollution/noise and fly parking when the offices are built
the peaceful setting of the Retired Nurses National Home during construction and theeventual overshadowing of the ? Destruction of the Green Belt and providing a gateway into it from Holdenhurst to Throop and Muscliff for future development? Serious harm caused to the Conservation Area and its setting? Severance of part of Holdenhurst Village? Loss of emergency access point to Holdenhurst Village? Destruction of high grade Agricultural land? Destruction of Holdenhurst Stables? Detrimental to nearby homes in Holdenhurst and Townsend and along Castle Lane with noise, light and air pollution? Damage to biodiversity and wildlife for years to come and no net gains? Little to encourage walking and cycling or use of innovative public transport? There is no exclusive access into the Hospital site, which it needs. Ambulances will have to take their chance with all the other traffic.? Genuine fear of exacerbating flooding in the future (in just one year, they have already felt the need to beef up flood alleviation proposals – with Global Warming, what happens in a few more years’ time?)ONLINE FORM: Planning Application Comments of Home by tall office blocks PLEASE COMMENT AGAIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Application number 7-2018-9177-DLEMAIL: use the or WRITE TO: Planning, Transport and Regulation Town Hall Annexe, St Stephen's RoadBournemouth, BH2 6EAfind the application on: Planning Application Register

The unique character of our ancient village will be destroyed forever.

The Council wants to spend £millions of taxpayers' money on a massive flyover to span the Spur Road and a huge roundabout system to be built next to our Village Hall. The Council wants to concrete over the Conservation Area, Green Belt, Floodplain and fields of our local farmer.

This will have a negative effect on our local natural environment and wildlife, as well as causing pollution affecting the Retired Nurses National Home and Residents of Holdenhurst, Townsend and Castle Lane.

They will flatten the 500 year old barn and destroy local heritage. Why is the Council doing this? They want to open up the Wessex Fields site and build Office Blocks!

The Council speaks of 'easing of traffic problems'. How can this happen when the Council admits that there will be an increase at rush hour of at least an extra 1,130 cars? What can we all look forward to? o More traffic chaos and gridlock at peak times on the already congested Cooper Dean and Castle Lane. o An increase in air and noise pollution, which will have an adverse effect on a large number of residents. o More accidents on the Spur Road with three huge junctions so close together. Help preserve the last remaining ribbon of Green Belt that straddles the River Stour. Once the Council has a gateway into the Green Belt you can guarantee they will not stop at Holdenhurst Village. Help Save our Village. for latest news and updates, watch this page and go to FACEBOOK and type Holdenhurst Village.
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