Pony Party Fun for Kids and children Birthday Parties
Pony Party Fun for Kids and children Birthday Parties
As a surprise for my daughters 10th birthday party, I came up with an idea which went down a storm with all her friends! I designed and cut out 14 'caricature' pony heads from cardboard, bent them so they became 3 dimensional, added a handle type 'bit', a sponge 'sheepskin noseband' and as a result . . . . . 'Pony Party Fun' was born!
Each rider holds the pony head in an upright position and begins to canter around a course laid out with small jumps made from either other pieces of cardboard or in our case upturned plastic flowerpots and canes - we also had a water jump of silver foil and squirted each rider with water as they rode past.
After four laps of the course the rider is then judged upon his/her ability and awarded points by designated judges (parents). The ponies head is designed in such a way that it can tilt forward if not held properly resulting in a fall and hence a deduction in points - After the event rosettes and other prizes are then handed out accordingly.
All ponies heads are hand cut from recycled cardboard, a plastic tube is used for the bit handle and a sponge noseband is added for effect - the nose and head markings are created using water based paints. Each 23 inch long pony head is priced at £3.75 plus P&P and is supplied flat and ready to be easily and quickly assembled with NO need for glues or staples. Each comes with a 10.5 diameter rosette for the final award proceedings - After all, everyone's a WINNER and each pony can be taken home as a keepsake and be ridden again and again!
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