~ The Hospice of St Mary Magdalen ~~
now known as Forget-me-not Cottage~
Magdalen Cottage is probably the the oldest house in Bournemouth and it hides an even older secret in its garden.
This mysterious low thatched building with massive timber framework was once known as the 'The Hospice of St Mary Magdalen' or 'Lepers Hospital' however it is now a private residence having been renamed 'Forget-me-not Cottage'.
At one end of the property there is a huge Inglenook fireplace with finely tooled stone sides, an adjustable cauldron and a large brick bread oven.
The old nail studded door is believed to be the old porch door of the Church sold by the Churchwardens in 1764 for 2 shillings.
Hospice of St Mary Magdalen.
Near one corner of the building can be seen a ghoulish stone carving of what appears to be that of a dying man.
It is recorded that there was a Leper Hospital in Christchurch, the owners of which owned land and a cottage at Holdenhurst during the reign of Edward III - it is thought that centuries ago poor souls stricken with the 'pox' were brought from 'Poxdown' (Pokesdown) for treatment at the then named 'Hospice of St Mary Magdalen'.Hospice of St Mary Magdalen.