~ Holdenhurst Village Today in 2007~~
Within this photograph can be seen Holdenhurst Farmhouse and Magdalen Cottage. This ancient thatched and beamed cottage with bricked up windows at the rear, was probably built before 1670 when a window tax was levied on houses with more than six windows, to the left is Hockey's Barn once hidden by the now felled Conker tree. To the right of Magdalen Cottage is the Dairymans' Cottage (hidden by a large bush). A short narrow lane known as 'Sterte Lane' in times gone by and now renamed 'Sturt' Lane so as not to confuse the Emergency Services with a 'Sterte Lane' in Poole, devides the two properties. Fisherman use this route to access the banks of the Stour. Click on Magdalen Cottage to see the historic little building which is situated at the rear!
~ The Conservation Area ~~
Click on the map below for a larger image and be able to visit each individual property